Visionaries growing remarkable and recognizable brands.

Our Vision

Thrive Media is way more than your average brand management company. From product to promotion, we create and manage brands to become household names. And we do it by offering all of the services you need to enhance your success.

From web and graphic design to video production to advertising and SEO, we do it all. Whether you need small or large business solutions, we have the experience and the innovative spirit to make you grow.


The future of marketing is connecting people.

Tom’s passion and expertise for marketing began as a musician. When he wasn’t on the road, Tom took various jobs and discovered he had an aptitude for understanding business. He went on to drastically increase productivity for corporations like Walmart and Louisiana Pacific. Businesses thrive when his experience and an organic multimedia approach to advertising and marketing are combined.

Tom MacDonald

I am as confident as I say I am and better than I say I am.

Jake has an extensive background in political campaigning, sociology, and anthropology, which makes him a great fit in media. While earning his degree at Lake Forest College in Illinois, he developed a strong affinity for market research and spatial analysis. Nowadays, you can find him researching the latest and greatest marketing tools and ways to increase a client’s ROI.

Jake Albion
VP, Client Relations


California native and graduate of Design from UC Davis, Jacqueline is the co-founder and CFO of Thrive Media. Jacqueline worked with Thomas MacDonald at Linders Corp where she developed exceptional sales strategies. The duo teamed up and established Straight Edge Graphics which grew and evolved into Thrive Media. Implementing strong infrastructural and financial influence, she maintains final approval on a majority of Thrive Media’s projects and development.

Jackie Caro

Make ‘em laugh or go home.

It was a tour of the local PBS station that got Kevin, a born-and-raised Kansas kid,  hooked on all things video production. Kevin majored in Electronic Mass Media with an emphasis in photography at Washburn University. He quickly rose up the ladder from director/photographer at Topeka’s NBC station to production specialist for the City of Topeka. No matter where he is, Kevin is always happiest with a camera in hand.

Kevin Dame
VP, Media Production

There is true beauty in simplicity.

Natalie has over a decade of graphic design experience and has worked with companies from coast to coast. She’s helped non-profits, educational institutions, the health care sector, and small business owners develop their brand identity and become stronger in the market place. Natalie is a graduate of the Art Institute and truly loves all aspects of design. Her passion drives her each day to find new and exciting ways of visually communicating a client’s message.

Natalie Kimmel

Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you become your reality.

A Colorado native, Hannah came to Florida to pursue a degree in Musical Theater and Dance at PBAU. After an Introduction to Business course, she was hooked and switched her major to marketing. After graduating she worked with a global advertising giant and cultivated a wealth of experience in global business development, sales, and account management. At Thrive, Hannah works closely with clients to help them realize their marketing goals and future opportunities.

Hannah Ferwerda

“There is nothing you do that isn’t sending a message, one way or another.”


Our mission says it all: From product to promotion, we create and manage brands to become household names. We strive to create powerful, meaningful brand identities by developing stunning logos, dynamic websites, and comprehensive marketing plans.

Thrive Media’s team of creative directors, web designers, producers, programmers, marketing experts, and business strategists pull out all the stops to elevate your brand into a market leader. We won’t stop until you’re a household name.

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.


The business world is a constantly changing and evolving entity and staying on top means always moving forward. Thrive Media is the solution for everything your brand needs to stay ahead of the market, including business development.

Our team will help you through every step of the process, including product development, identifying the perfect market, creating business and marketing plans, and even assisting with manufacturing.

People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.


PR is all about knowledge, experience, and connection – and Thrive Media isn’t lacking in any of those departments. We have the editorial service quality that allows our clients the leverage other brands simply don’t possess.

We specialize in all things public relations, including press conferences, campaign management, reputation management, media booking, press release services, media relations, event planning, editorial and message management, and community relations.

Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.


Your ideal consumers could spend a thousand lifetimes browsing the infinite web and never come across your product or website. That’s where Thrive Media comes in. We know how to shine the Internet spotlight squarely on your company – and keep it there.

We start the conversation for you by setting up and managing all of your social media platforms, including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Social media is a major influencer for modern consumers and we handle the day-to-day operation so you don’t have to.

The soul never thinks without a picture.


A picture is worth a thousand words – so what are your graphics saying about your brand? We live in a visual world and Thrive Media has the wealth of experience needed to make sure your business’s graphics are speaking the right language.

A professional looking logo can send a powerful message to your customers: it lets them know you’re serious about delivering quality. We can help with something as small as a logo update or go big with a full-blown graphic makeover.

No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story.


A blend of artist and scientist, our photographers and videographers know the delicate balance needed to take the perfect photo or create the perfect video. Thrive is the production machine you need to create stunning, crisp, professional photos and videos.

Thrive Films also offers a one-stop solution for filmmakers. Whether you’re a writer, producer, or director, we can help trim away some of the unnecessary costs related to production. Let our thirty years of production experience help you bring your masterpiece to life.

What separates design from art is that design is meant to be functional.


A quality website can inspire confidence and trust in your brand, generate interest, and drive sales. But having a beautiful and visually stunning website is only half of the equation – you also need a top-notch team of back-end developments to make sure the website functions as brilliantly as it looks.

Thrive Media is at the forefront of creating engaging, interactive, and stunning websites. Our stellar team of web designers, coders, and SEO specialists will make your website dreams a reality.


Whether it’s graphic design, photography, video, or web design, we exist to create beautiful things for you. Feel free to browse some of our work and get a first-hand look at the incredible services we have to offer!


Cynthia Graf, President of MassageLuXe Fort Myers

“We have grown by leaps and bounds this first year – more so than any of our sister stores – and know a lot of this is due to our business partnership with Thrive. We are extremely grateful to have you as our partners!”

Jeff Nager, CMO of American Blue Collar - Stanley Tools Apparel Division

“Thrive’s video production and branding work is outstanding.”

Eli Mendes, Tropic Trailer

“My website receives over 4,800 new visits a week – which has gone straight to our bottom line. Use Thrive if you want results.”

Roy Smith, Snikwah

“Snikwah has grown considerably in a very short time. Thrive has been instrumental in our brand’s success.”

News Press

““Thrive Media is taking the lead in SWFL to develop young business leaders.”

Phil Phillips, Level Up Coaching & Consulting

 “Thrive Media is a strong component to the success of our business and our expanded reach. I highly recommend Thrive Media if you want to expand your brand’s visibility.”


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